Create Your Own.. Feather Boot Tassels

Feather Boots Tassels launched in 2020 - the perfect accessory for your boots.

They can also be interchangeable onto handbags or between your boot collection. 

Below, the options allow you to create your own pair of feathered tassels. 

Step 1 - Have a look at the choice of feathers below, decide which ones you would like in your layers.

You can choose to have 3 or 4 layers of feathers. 

Step 2 - Add the tassel base to your basket and select/write in your choice of feathers for each layer.

Cant decide?? Have a look below at our tassel sets or send us a message on our chat and we will help you!!

PLEASE NOTE: Each pair of tassels will be unique.  No two pairs will be identical.  I will contact you if there is any confusion with your order.  Longer feathers may be trimmed slightly to suit the design of the tassels.


I would also suggest zipping your boots up with your original tassels supplied, then change to the feathered tassels to avoid damaging the feathers.


Step One: Choose your feathers

Step Two

Tassel Sets For Sale:

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