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Sublimation Printing Service



I know from personal experience the set up cost for offering sublimation products.  The art of "sublimation" for those of you who don't know, is specialised ink transferred onto materials and garments via heat and pressure.

I currently offer a few items which have been personalised using sublimation.  I have been made aware recently that many people would like to offer these products while they save up for the initial set up themselves.  For others they find this service more cost effective than the hassle and worry of financing the set up itself.  So this is the perfect way for my printer to be used regularly and for you to offer these new and exciting products.

A lot of crafters offer HTV vinyl products such as t-shirts and or mugs.  Sublimation uses the same heat/mug presses, you  just need to tweak the temperature and time depending on the item.  Items that can be used for sublimation need a special coating on them and you can google "sublimation blanks" to find the right items.  These include mugs, coasters, jigsaw puzzles, keyrings, fridge magnets,travel mugs, t shirts/t-towels/towels (high % polyester only), tiles, plates and even umbrellas.  The possibilities are endless. 

I currently own an Epson WF-7710 which scans and prints up to A3 media.  I am only currently offering postage on prints up to A4 but happy for anyone to collect any A3 prints as postal charges will be too expensive.

Current prices (June 2021) are below.  Once you have placed your order, please email your documents using your order number as reference.

Please send documents ready to print, I will not move, resize or change layouts of documents.

ALL FILES MUST BE SENT MIRRORED (text / photos must be flipped as they are printed differently and image placed downwards onto item)

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