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Large Vinyl Decal 5"

Large Vinyl Decal 5"

These decals are made from self adhesive vinyl and are roughly 5" wide. The height of the vinyl will depend on the design.  If the designs are long (hunt scene/shoot scene - these are 5"  high and scaled length to fit the design) if you need specific sizes, then please contact us to confirm.
These can applied to glass, metal, walls etc. They are easily removed with a hairdryer.
If you are looking for something in particular, then please let me know.
Only select colours available at the moment.
Please see how to apply stickers below:
* clean application surface thoroughly
* remove backing sheet (white paper) so that the vinyl stays onto the clear transfer sheet.
*place sticky side onto the surface you wish to place the sticker onto. (Make sure it is straight!!!)
*use a credit card or ruler to remove any air bubbles and push vinyl onto surface. Do this for 30 seconds.
*carefully remove transfer sheet, leaving vinyl on the surface. If any vinyl has not transferred properly, replace transfer sheet and repeat step 4 and then 5.
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