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Emergency Contact Decal

Emergency Contact Decal

We all take our safety very seriously while riding, but what steps would you need to take if something happened while out riding, competing, hunting, hacking or meeting friends?  Have you ever thought about an emergency contact while you are out riding?  This decal can be applied to the back partition of your lorry or to the inside of the horse box and is available in either black or white vinyl colour. 
Text is cut within a 12" x 12" vinyl sheet.
Please add your contact's name and phone number..  Instructions for application within packaging.
This decal is made from quality vinyl, for permanent use indoor and outdoor.
Item comes standard "IN CASE OF EMERGENCY PLEASE CONTACT (insert name) (insert contact number)
**This vinyl can be applied easily to most flat surfaces, including glass, wood, plastic and metal.  Do NOT soak, do NOT pressure wash, do NOT spray with chemical.**
Step 1: Clean surface you wish to apply vinyl to and leave to dry
Step 2: Remove the white paper from the design, so that your design remains on the see-through transfer tape
Step 3: Place the design, sticky side down onto your desired surface.  For best results, use a credit card to press down and remove any air bubbles, smoothing from one side to the other, for around 20 seconds
Step 4: Peel off the transfer tape at a tight angle.  If the design has not stuck properly, then repeat step 3.
Leave vinyl to cure for at least 24-48 hours.
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