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Pies, Meatballs & Burgers

Pheasant and Partridge are such versatile meats that are often overlooked.

You can replace pheasant/partridge with any of your usual meats, from breaded goujons, panko breadcrumbs, meatballs, burgers.. the list is endless

Streaky bacon wrapped pheasant crowns with a creamy honey & mustard sauce is always a hit in our house


pie maker.jpg

I purchased a Giles & Posner pie maker a few years ago.  Its a great easy dinner as you can add whatever filling you like, or use the maker for a good pie for desert.


Pre-rolled pastry can be used for this, you'll just need to spray to line the maker, use the cutters to cut the pastry, add the pastry to the pie maker, then add your fillings.

I usually mince pheasant with smoked bacon with a little bit of cheese sauce and some grated cheese on top.

Then place the pastry lid on top, closing the pie maker


The pie is usually cooked within 12-15 minutes, but you can open the lid and wait until the pastry is golden brown



I mince pheasant with pork belly, adding egg, breadcrumbs and seasoning, as per the Just Game recipe, shaped into about 1.5" round


Cooked as normal in an oven or air fryer, then adding whatever sauce to go with your meal



I minced pheasant, partridge off cuts with pork belly.

All instructions and seasonings taken from Sausage Making Supplies from Weschenfelder Direct

They suggest 20-25% fat when using game meat, to avoid it being too dry 


I purchased their burger press and weighed out 200g and pressed into burgers


I then popped them in the freezer to keep their shape

Then vacuum packed them.

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