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My kit consists of very few things.  I have a small paring knife which is fantastic for partridge and any delicate / tricky areas, I then have a larger knife which I use for pheasant, venison and then a meat cleaver for removing wings (which I dry and use for gundog training) as well as a bone saw for any venison we are lucky enough to get hold of.  Usually these come from R&R Deer Management, who offer stalking opportunities in West Sussex.

Must Haves!


A sharp knife is a must have!  My first knives were victorinox.  These are durable, sturdy and were available from Amazon.

My recent knives have come from the knife stall at the Game Fair.  Don't forget to buy a knife sharpener to keep them at their best!

I've also got a magnetic strip to hang them up, to avoid any unnecessary damage.

S hooks.jpg

Stainless Steel "s" hooks.  These are great for hanging the birds up, to save on counter space.  Available for a few pounds on Ebay


My first mincer was £30 or £40 from Amazon.  These are great for personal processing of mincing breasts and leg meat.  Most come with sausage attachments also. These can only run for 10mins or so at a time.

At The Game Fair in 2023, we came across a fantastic little stand which was Weschenfelder Direct.  

We purchased their Tre Spade TC 12 mincer. Minces everything so quickly and a much needed addition!

JML sealer.jpg

I purchased a JML Vacuum pack/Food Sealer a few years ago, its trusty & Faithful and has not let me down.

A while ago I purchased a Freshpack Pro which was £130+ . Nowhere near as good as the cheaper version and only gets used if I've got a lot to pack!

A Vacuum Packer allows you to pack meat, vegetables or any kind of perishable food to give it a longer life.  By using a vacuum pack machine the meat life in the freezer will extend to 18-24 months.

TIP: Buy the bags, not the rolls as you can fill the bags, click seal and you're done.  With the rolls, you have to cut then straight and seal both ends.


All of my butchery sundries (burger press, seasoning, sausage casings) now come from Weschenfelder Direct.

Tongmaster Seasonings are also another great supplier

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